Coaches Corner – September 2020

Endurance training plan – so, what are we doing?

You will notice some changes to our training sessions over the next few weeks. We are going into endurance mode. This is designed to help our Rottnest swimmers. However, it will be of benefit to the whole squad and will help all swimmers improve their swimming and reach new levels, especially those planning to enter any open water events this summer.

So what is changing?

Coaches will be cutting down rests during sets. If you can, please follow the rest breaks, as this will improve your endurance, breathing, etc. However if you need extra rest then please take it.

Sessions will be getting longer. With less rest time, we have time for more kms. Sessions may creep over the one hour booking, so enjoy that!

Drills will include “sighting” work. We will build on your polo swimming drills to help you to see where you are headed in the ocean.

Sighting is about being able to look ahead during an open water event to find the best route and get an idea where other swimmers are for that all important drafting. We will talk about drafting soon.

And now a challenge.

The club is targeting the Christmas 10K swim on Saturday, December 19 at Coogee Beach.

This is one of the best opportunities for swimmers to get their Channel 10K qualifying time. Plus it is the only 10K swim where you can swim with your paddler. You can even do this swim as a duo with a paddler. Entries open on October 26.

If you get your qualifying at this swim the coaches may let you relax a little over Christmas.

As this is a 3 lap course, there is also a 3.4Km option. So here we go. If more than 10 Inglewood Masters enter this event, I will be present to record lap times, pacing, etc., and to check on your technique. And if more than 15 Inglewood Masters enter, I hereby undertake to swim the 3.4Km event before recording times, technique, etc. So there go you…


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