Coaches Corner – March 2021

Where are we in the training cycle?

For those not used to my coaching approach, I run various cycles throughout the season. You may choose not to notice any changes, and that is fine.

We have just finished an endurance block aimed at having swimmers fit to swim to Rottnest and we are starting on a technical block. Sessions will have longer rest times, do slightly shorter sessions, and coaches will be concentrating more on “getting your stroke right”.

We will also be working on translating your good style into better fast swimming. We are using the dates of the Masters State Championships as our aim. If you want to swim in the States, great, this will help you. For those who don’t want to enter, this will still be a chance to learn this new skill.

And during the next few months, I will be running a few dedicated clinics. Here is the first one:

Steps to Butterfly clinic

Our training session on Tuesday, 9 March will be my long promised Steps to Butterfly clinic. Don’t worry, there will be a training program for non-participants.

What is it?

I have an easy progression for swimmers of all abilities to learn to swim butterfly stroke the easy way. Seriously. Try it. It assumes no prior ability. I have run this clinic a number of times, most recently at Claremont Masters where the novices outperformed those who thought they knew how.

What’s in it for me?

Although the clinic concentrates on dolphin kick and butterfly arms (eventually) the skills will help you improve and strengthen your freestyle and backstroke.

Is it for me?

All you need to be able to do is swim 25m with fins on. So, yes it is for you.

Melville Masters Carnival on Sunday, March 14

If you are thinking of entering this carnival please tell me so I can tell you why you should enter. I will also tell you how to enter, and I’m happy to suggest entry times. When you race in Masters you are seeded against swimmers who have entered the same time as you, and the atmosphere is always positive. Entries close on March 7, so you have a week to talk yourself into swimming in it.

Indications are that we will have at least one relay team, and that is always fun. More swimmers means more relays!

The pool at Melville is an indoor 50m pool with plenty of space and a high roof. And they always have a great lunch feed afterwards which is included in the entry cost. So if you are thinking of it, have a look at the flyer.


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