Coaches Corner – July 21

Winter swimming – why we do it

At this time every year, most of the coaches I know issue statements encouraging their swimmers to keep swimming during what we in Perth hilariously call “the cold months”. Let me tell you about cold.

Anyway, why should we keep turning up at night to training sessions? I believe the following interactions which I understand have taken place should explain:

Work colleague: Did you watch Master Older Sibling House Removal last night?

You: No, I was swimming in an outdoor pool at that time to maintain my fitness.

Work colleague: I am impressed. Can you please give me the details so that I too can involve myself in this rational act?


Spouse: It’s less than 10 degrees outside. Can you please assist me with the ironing / cleaning /homework supervision?

You: I appreciate our sharing of chores but I have to get to the pool to swim in order to maintain my fitness and good looks.

Spouse: I understand. I will do all these things while you are there and then shower you with rewards when you return.

You: So long as it’s a hot shower.

And then we tell you about the health benefits of swimming through winter, keeping active all year round. It’s great that numbers are staying reasonably high. But there’s always room for more. The coaches are targeting certain technical issues this winter, particularly core strength, full stroke extension and efficient kick. We are also talking about competitions, both within the club and in the broader Masters state program. If you have interest in this, please ask or start a conversation.


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