President’s Ponderings – July 21

Welcome to this Autumn / Winterish edition of the club newsletter.

Since our last edition, we have come through the end of the summer swim season, into the cooler months, and after a successful swim season for many of our members, we now enter into more of a maintenance period with the club sessions.

As Graham has emphasised, this is a good time to keep the sessions ticking along and keep active, whilst there is a bit more concentration on technique, and less emphasis on endurance fitness, etc.

Nonetheless, there are some swim events still occurring during this time for those that may be interested in competing. Some details of these appear in this newsletter.

And whilst it is easy to settle back in Winter time to a less strenuous routine (i.e. blobbing about!), the benefits of keeping active on a regular basis during the colder months, are multiple. Also the social interaction does wonders for keeping the Winter blues at bay – lots of motivation is around us, within the group. So, we would encourage as many of you as possible, to keep up the exercise routine in the coming months. A bit of colder environment is good for your conditioning and can make you more resilient to Winter sniffles and colds.

We held the club’s AGM on 13th April, which was well attended, helped in part by also having a club night on the same night. There are links included in this newsletter to provide more information from this meeting, which you are welcome to explore.

The club’s committee has remained the same as per the previous year, and I would like to thank all committee members for your work and assistance as provided to the club, as well as thanking all the coaches for their work for the club and the members.

That’s it from me – short and possibly sweet !


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