Newman Churchlands Carnival Write Up – March ’22

As a coach it’s always great when 10 swimmers enter a meet and all turn up. It’s even better when all 10 swimmers have a great time at the meet. And when they all swim brilliantly too.

As I mentioned on WhatsApp, we came third out of 21 clubs which was doubly great as we had fewer entered than a number of those clubs including one that Trevor and I have swum for.

There were a lot of highlights. Tim Quintal’s 50m Freestyle time of 27.19 was probably the fastest time someone has swum for the club for some time. Everyone swam something memorable, meaning this write up could go on for some length. Results are up on the Masters Portal and there are plenty of videos of our swims. And thanks to all the family members who turned up to watch and cheer, and those who got roped into time keeping!

But a mention must go to our women’s relay team. Trevor reckons it’s the best club relay at an interclub that he’s seen. The team of Tessa, Kendal, Sarah and Gabriella beat two teams home to take first place in great style.

There are 2 meets coming up. On 27 March, you can swim 3 out of the four 50m swims plus a relay at Fremantle Pool, and the State Championships are the weekend after that. The program for the States should be out later this week. See me with any questions about either of these meets.

Graham  21 Feb 2022

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