President’s Ponderings – March ’22

A warm welcome to everyone, to our latest newsletter of the Club.

As we near the end of the summer season and head towards some cooler weather (hopefully !), we can reflect on what has been a busy and fruitful last few months.

Our Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions have seen record numbers of members and trialists, swimming the programmes. Upwards of 24 swimmers on most sessions, and it is heartening to see the increased interest and participation. At times, it has been a bit too busy in the lanes, with us only having access to 3 lanes. We have pushed, applied, cajoled, etc. for us to get a 4th lane to use in our sessions, but this has not been approved, due to lack of pool space for other patrons. So, we continue to make do with the allotted 3 lanes that we have. This situation should improve in future when we move back into a new pool at TTAC. (more on that later.)

We had a good contingent of swimmers that headed down to Busselton to tackle the jetty swim, and there is an amusing article on this event further on, penned by John, who volunteered to help out some of our swimmers, on the day. Mostly good results on the day, apart from yours truly who has copped a bit of flack from a younger member of the family – well deserved flack !!

We are seeing some more of our swimmers having a go at the carnival events, which is very pleasing to see. Thanks to Graham and Trevor for organising our swimmers for these events. And special congratulations to our team of 10 swimmers who competed at the Newman Churchlands carnival. Some great results, and there is a small write up on this later in the newsletter.

Of course, we must mention our members, who tackled the Rotto Channel swim this year. What an amazing effort, and all those hours and laps of training that you all put in, is awe inspiring and somewhat mind boggling. Congrats to those that made it, and you all continue to inspire us.

Over the last few months, Covid has certainly made its presence felt around our community. Fortunately, the restrictions, etc have not really adversely affected our swimming community at the pool that much. But it is in the broader community now, and we must all get used to taking whatever sensible precautions we can, based on the ongoing advice.

However, we have seen some event cancellations recently due to the Covid situation, most notably the Coogee Jetty to Jetty swim and the Port to Pub channel crossing. Commiserations to those of our swimmers affected by those cancellations. Hopefully a reset of the goals is possible, and hopefully, future events will not be affected – glass half full !!

Everybody will be aware of the pool refurbishment process that is presently underway at TTAC. The latest information that we have (not guaranteed at this stage) is that the indoor pool will be finished in the first week of April. This then will take a few weeks of pool filling, and linking through the filtration system etc. So, it may be functional near the end of April.

The start of refurbishment of the outdoor pool is slated for the 1st or 2nd week of June, and that process should take approx 12 months.

Some time ago, and in anticipation of the above, the Club has organised for lane hire (3 lanes) at Bayswater Waves pool. This is due to start from Tuesday 3rd May, and at this stage, subject to any major changes of the above refurb timelines at TTAC, we will be taking up these lane bookings. Same days and time slots as we currently have, with our normal programme of coaching, etc.

Once the refurb at TTAC is complete, then we will look at a return to TTAC, and hopefully with a 4th lane available to us. – glass half full !!

I would like to end off by wishing all our members, good health and everything of the best during these uncertain times. What is certain is that we will be at the pool continuing with our sessions for everyone, for as long as we are able to, and we encourage you all to keep active, keep mentally charged, and do it with a great group of people such as we have within our club.

And also, I extend mine and everybody’s thanks to our coaches who continue to front up and do a wonderful job for all our swimmers.

Keep well and keep filling that half a glass !


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