President’s Ponderings – November 2020

To all our members and friends – welcome to this Summer edition newsletter.

As we move into the warmer months and shake off those Winter chills and wet weather, it is now a bit more pleasurable to get down to the pool, and do a session. However, it has been interesting and pleasing to see that during the winter months, attendance at our sessions has been at an all time high. Ever since the pool reopened after the initial shutdown, there seems to be renewed interest in getting out and doing some laps. And this seems to be the case with other sports and community sessions, as well.

And now, as we move towards summer and a warmer year end, this interest is picking up. There does not seem to be a week go by without some enquiries from the public about our club, and we have been really pleased to welcome quite a few new faces to try out with the club and hopefully move through to joining up as members.

At the end of October, we held an inaugural “Come and Try day” which was open to the public. There was some interest shown by the public in this event, and subsequently, there have been 3 or 4 people who have continued trying out with the club. So, the exercise was a worthwhile one to do, and I would like to thank our club members who contributed to the running of this event, on the day.

As this newsletter goes out,the open water swim series is well under way, and we have had numerous of our members participating already, especially the members who are training for the longer distance events, later in the year. Well done to you all, and especially those that had to cope with some very ordinary conditions at a recent event – may the calming forces be with you on future events.

And in that vein, we continue to support any of our members who are training for some goal with their swimming – that might range from our Rotto and Port to Pub swimmers (lots of work being put in there) through to our Busso Jetty swimmers, and all the way to those that might be aiming to just improve their fitness and string together more than a couple of laps of the pool, at a time. The club supports you in all your endeavours, and the best of luck with it all.

And also in that vein, I would like to extend a big thank you to all our coaches, who I think are providing great service to the club and fellow members. With 5 coaches on our roster, it is a healthy situation to have.

We are fast approaching the Christmas season, which looks like it will be a fairly typical, and busy one for us in WA. We have the Club’s Christmas dinner happening on the 9th of December, and I hope as many of you will be able to join with us at that event.

And I would like to pass on the committee’s and my best wishes to all of you and your families, for the festive season. We hope you stay safe, and have an enjoyable time. And don’t forget to swim – we have sessions all the way through the Christmas and New Year period, except for any that fall on a public holiday.

And my normal sign off – everything of the best to All. And remember to savour and enjoy these times – they are special.



Coaches Corner – September 2020

Endurance training plan – so, what are we doing?

You will notice some changes to our training sessions over the next few weeks. We are going into endurance mode. This is designed to help our Rottnest swimmers. However, it will be of benefit to the whole squad and will help all swimmers improve their swimming and reach new levels, especially those planning to enter any open water events this summer.

So what is changing?

Coaches will be cutting down rests during sets. If you can, please follow the rest breaks, as this will improve your endurance, breathing, etc. However if you need extra rest then please take it.

Sessions will be getting longer. With less rest time, we have time for more kms. Sessions may creep over the one hour booking, so enjoy that!

Drills will include “sighting” work. We will build on your polo swimming drills to help you to see where you are headed in the ocean.

Sighting is about being able to look ahead during an open water event to find the best route and get an idea where other swimmers are for that all important drafting. We will talk about drafting soon.

And now a challenge.

The club is targeting the Christmas 10K swim on Saturday, December 19 at Coogee Beach.

This is one of the best opportunities for swimmers to get their Channel 10K qualifying time. Plus it is the only 10K swim where you can swim with your paddler. You can even do this swim as a duo with a paddler. Entries open on October 26.

If you get your qualifying at this swim the coaches may let you relax a little over Christmas.

As this is a 3 lap course, there is also a 3.4Km option. So here we go. If more than 10 Inglewood Masters enter this event, I will be present to record lap times, pacing, etc., and to check on your technique. And if more than 15 Inglewood Masters enter, I hereby undertake to swim the 3.4Km event before recording times, technique, etc. So there go you…


President’s Ponderings – September 2020

To all our members and friends – welcome to this Spring edition newsletter.

There are a lot of things happening in and around the club, at this time, and with a lot of information to pass on, we hope that this newsletter will assist in that regard.

We are so fortunate to be living in this great State of WA, and whilst numerous other areas are still struggling to get through the Covid situation, we find ourselves in the enviable position of virtually living life as normal (with only a few exceptions.)

Our club has weathered the time of pool closures, and social distancing measures, etc very well, and we have bounced back, stronger and better than ever.

It is really pleasing to see the high numbers of our members participating in the training sessions, all the way through the Winter months, and it is a great motivation for us all. As we look forward to the warmer months ahead and with a variety of swim events on offer, there is anticipation of increased participation. Great positive vibe all around.

And we welcome those people trying out with us for the first time. We hope you find challenge and enjoyment during your time with us, and hopefully you decide to join us on our journey of “fun, fitness and friendship”.

And to those of our members who are training for some of the “big” events during the Summer, we are all behind you (because we are slower !!) and support you in your efforts to get over the ditch, or around all those buoys, or whatever your event may entail. Good luck with it all.

Everything of the best to All. And remember to savour and enjoy these times – they are special.




“As a committee, we are in contact with Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre management, yet at present there would be no sessions available for group bookings.

This is under review on a week to week basis, as TTAC work with their numbers of general public on their current booking system, and the situation may well change markedly by the middle of June, when the maximum numbers restriction might increase.

So, in the meantime, until we hear further from TTAC, if anybody wants a swim at the pool, you are able to log into their booking system and book yourself in for an hour session, either during the week or on a weekend. We will continue to update you on discussions and hope to have the club back swimming together once logistically possible.”